Hello Visitors… While reading this blog You must be thinking that who the heck is Nari anyway??

Here is the answer to all your questions about this knucklehead. Nari is a douchebag. which you guys must have already noticed. wink wink. haha.

But actually I am a journalist and i have a happy family. I am father of two kids. My wife is a software engineer in a Multinational company .. So all in all i have a sound and happy world. I usually travel a lot due to my profession. but i kinda like it. I get to know a lot of different people and places. Its fun. This blog is about the things that i observe in my daily life.. things that i think of and sometime ponder upon.

I believe sharing is caring so here i  am trying to share my thoughts and ideas here. Hope you ll like it. If you have any question or concern gimme a shout out here.