No one will argue with you that it takes a lot of energy to run your home. However, a large majority of that energy is smart homewasted. Admittedly, it can easy to leave a television on, a computer running, or keep an appliance running all day even though it could be shut off. Yes, this all can be challenging. However, with the advent of the 21st century smart home, we might all be in better shape when it comes to saving energy. Here are some reliable smart home methods:


Intelligent Thermostats

A smart thermostat is one way to keep your costs down, and there are many examples on the market today. First of all, the Nest thermostat system has the ability to adjust your HVAC temperature down during an off-peak moment in the day. There are other features such as “auto-away” where the smart thermostat will automatically power down when it senses you have left your dwelling. For more info visit


Smart Kitchen Appliances

There are a number of intelligent kitchen appliances on the market today. These would include coffee makers that you can set to turn on at a certain time; setting dishwashers to turn on when the house is empty, and setting an airsmart home system conditioning unit to turn off when you leave for the day as well.


Controlling Things Remotely

Finally, today’s smart home has a lot of allowances for being able to control things remotely. This would include many Google cell phone apps that would allow you to turn lights on and off; shutting off televisions and game consoles, and even locking and unlocking doors. When you consider that lighting can account for ten percent of your energy use, you can see why this is a good idea.

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