In today’s modern world, we have all become more aware of our carbon footprint and many of us are actively trying to improve our eco-friendliness. That means that we are becoming more interested in green technology which is now being developed to reduce our energy consumption and improve the natural environment.

What Is Green Technology?

Green technology is the development of materials and methods which are designed to be more eco-friendly. These may include items as diverse as cleaning materials and electricity generators. This is a field which has seen rapid expansion over the last few years and it is increasing to encompass a greater range of sectors.

What Are The Goals Of Green Technology?

Technology which has been developed with eco-friendliness in mind is guided by several principles. Firstly, they must be sustainable – long lasting without depleting the world’s natural resources, they must also be able to be reclaimed or recycled ensuring an ongoing lifespan. Products developed with green technology in mind should not cause any pollution and should reduce the amount of waste produced while protecting human health and the environment.

Green Technology

In Which Areas Can We Find Green Technology?

Green technology has advanced into a number of sectors. Primarily, it is being used in energy production including developing alternative fuels and finding efficient ways of generating electricity, however green technology has also recently moved into the home building industry, with builders investigating better materials for construction. Green chemistry involves designing and inventing chemicals which are not hazardous or harmful to the environment while green engineering and nanotechnology is now emerging as a burgeoning industry.

Examples Of Green Technology Methods Of Producing Electricity

As we have now realised that traditional means of producing electricity are no longer sustainable and are causing harm to the natural environment, we have had to research and discover new and more eco-friendly ways of producing energy. Some of these newly developed methods have been implemented around the country while others are still in an early stage of production. The most commonly found eco-friendly methods of generating power include:

Wind Power – using turbines to harness the power of the wind to make energy.

Solar Power – solar panels harness the energy of the sun’s rays and convert it into electricity.

Wave Power – using the power of the ocean’s waves to make power.

Biomass – a fuel that has been formed from natural resources including wood, manure and certain crops.

Advances In Green Technology

Scientists and experts are now working on many new technologies which will be sustainable and friendly towards the environment. Some of the latest developments include:

Solar Sprays – this innovative product is sprayed over a home’s windows, instantly turning them into functioning solar panels.

Foot traffic energy – pavements are now being created which can harness energy simply from the movement of peoples’ feet as they pass over the surface.

Underground heat storage – systems are now being developed which can store the heat of the summer under the ground’s surface so that it can be pumped back up once winter sets in and heating is required.